Pyreanor Raiding

Rage Free Raiding.

Server: Wyrmrest Accord
Type: Semi-Hardcore
Days: Tues/Thur
Time: 6pm Pacific
Goal: AotC in Shadowlands

Current Needs: DPS (last updated 2/25/20)

About Us

No bitches. No babies. No not believing in yourself.

Pyreanor is a startup raiding guild with intention of raiding at or before Shadowlands on Wyrmrest Accord-US with a goal of downing normal and heroic content and earning "Ahead of the Curve" achievements.

Our goal is to create a healthy raiding environment--to kill bosses and loot epics--devoid of people who scream at others in voice chat, have raging tantrums, and quit at the first sign of struggle. Wipes are a part of learning and THAT is progression.

We are a teaching guild and require no experience, simply a desire to learn and put your best foot forward. Raiding and a good raiding attitude are learned. Some of our leadership has been raiding since vanilla Molten Core and as a group we started raiding together in Burning Crusade and Wrath.

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